i just moved back here from philly where there was an endless supply of photo labs that did better than walmart and not as good as professional...does anyone know of any decent high quality consumer labs in the area? better than Ritz though? i was getting a set of 4x6 prints off an AGAFA lazer photo printer and a photo CD for $15 at the place i was going to in philly, so something similar would be great.
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I have just discovered the holy grail of craft stores.

It's a smallish place in Fairport village that operates solely for charity - all materials are donated - and it's full of vintage patterns, cuts of vintage (& non) fabric, yarns, needles, and every little sundry one could possibly need. Some of it's junk, but there's a lot of treasure hunting to be done.

There's an article about it here.

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I know a lot of people here probably have heard of this place before, but I want to post about it again for the people who haven't.


It's an awesome place. It'd be better if we could get more members and get it to be more active.

Just post pictures. It doesn't have to be of anything specific. Open your front door, open the curtains, take pictures. They don't even need to be scenic pictures. Post pictures of you and your friends, pictures of when you go out, etc.

Rochester is a beautiful place, as you already know, and can see in what pictures have been posted.

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It's been a while since this group has seen any action!

I was wondering if we'd like to try another get-together at a coffeeshop some evening? That probably works best with people who are of the knitting/other needlework persuasion, as opposed to any welders-by-day-dancers-by-night we might have in the group, but if anyone has any other ideas, I'd love to hear them, as I'm feeling unoriginal at the moment. But also craving some sort of social activity. Yes.

So! What do you think?
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Rochester Knitting meeting

Just wanted to pop my head in and say hi - A few girls and myself have started a mini-knitting circle thing in the RIT area. If anyone is interested we meet at 7pm on Wednesdays at Panera Bread on Hylan Dr. It would be great if anyone is interested to show up. For more information feel free to IM me or just reply to this message - crocheters and cross stitch are more than welcome as well.
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Ok well my Dress to Art project has gone to the next phase. I stretched the fabric over two 11x14 pieces of stretched canvas and had enough excess to frame the remaining material in a 11x14 frame. This one, which isn't stretched over canvas, will become a tray after I attach two gold handles to the wider (versus longer) sides of the frame. I also picked up two more matching frames for what will eventually become the artwork.

Now I need to figure out how to paint on the fabric. I have decided to paint flowers on the fabric (specifically orchids) since this will be hanging in the bedroom most likely and orchids always make me think of sex. Blame Adaptation. And Trevor, since they're his favorite flower.

Anyway I did some research on the techniques used in painting or drawing on rice paper because the texture of rice paper is very closely matched in the fabric. Now of course, the two materials will handle ink differently, but I wanted to see if I could find some reigning philosophy and sure enough, in Asian art, quick movements are used because the artist already has the image in his head. This technique helps to convey the texture and movement of the painting's subject as well.

I am hesistant to try this yet (although I know I will have to) because I fear that my project will look very slapdash.

Or I could just be procrastinating. :)
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